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      《Festivals And Celebrations》Language points PPT課件(第2課時)

      《Festivals And Celebrations》Language points PPT課件(第2課時) 詳細介紹:

      《Festivals And Celebrations》Language points PPT課件(第2課時)《Festivals And Celebrations》Language points PPT課件(第2課時)

      人教版高中英語必修三《Festivals And Celebrations》Language points PPT課件(第2課時),共21頁。


      1.To learn the usage of some words and phrase:grateful, feature, reflect, go off

      2.To apply them to practice.

      figure  n. 

      1) 人物(important or famous)

      a public figure/ an authority figure 

      2) 數字

      the latest trade figures  

      He got a job, earning close to six figures.  

      3) 身材,體型,人影      

      a slim figure

      a tall figure in black 

      keep one’s figure

      4) 塑像   a bronze figure of a horse

      5) 圖形   A triangle is a three-sided figure.



      People celebrate to show that they are grateful for the year’s supply of food.(P4)

      ①I’m so grateful to all those volunteers because they helped my terrible day end happily.

      be grateful to sb.   向某人表示感謝

      ②He was very grateful that she didn’t tell his parents about the incident.

      be grateful that…  感激的是……

      ③I would be very grateful if you could give me an early reply.

      I would be grateful if… 如果……, 我將不甚感激

      2. feature

      vt. 以…為特色;由…主演  vi. 起重要作用,占重要地位

      n. [C] 特色,特點; (報紙/電視等的)特寫,專題節目; 面容,五官

      3. reflect

      They reflect people’s wishes, beliefs, faiths, and attitudes towards life.(P5)

      ①He saw himself reflected in the shop window.

      reflect sb./sth. in…  在……里映出某人/某物

      ②The windows reflected the bright afternoon sunlight.

      ③I’m sitting in the small yard, reflecting on the plan.

      reflect on/upon…  認真思考/仔細考慮…

      ④At first I disagreed, but after a moment of reflection, I realized she was right.  

      ⑤All riders are equipped with reflective vests and safety lights.

      ... ... ...

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