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      《Festivals And Celebrations》Language points PPT課件(第1課時)

      《Festivals And Celebrations》Language points PPT課件(第1課時) 詳細介紹:

      《Festivals And Celebrations》Language points PPT課件(第1課時)《Festivals And Celebrations》Language points PPT課件(第1課時)

      人教版高中英語必修三《Festivals And Celebrations》Language points PPT課件(第1課時),共16頁。


      1.To learn the usage of key words: 

      words: majority; complain; respond; appoint

      2.To put what we learn into practice.


      1. At age 18, instead of following the traditional path of marriage like the majority of girls, she chose to study medicine.


      (1) The majority of the students were selected to be the volunteers for the Asian Youth Games.

      the/a majority of + n.作主語時, 謂語動詞由n.決定.

      (2) Boys are in the majority in Class 6.

      major n. [C] 專業;少校  vi. 主修

      2. “Why should girls learn so much ? Finding a good husband should be their final goal!” her brother complained, thinking of the high tuition fees.


      (1) He complained to the manager about the service.

      complain (to sb.) about sth (向某人)抱怨某事

      (2) He complained to the headmaster that he hadn’t been fairly treated.

      complain (to sb.) that...向某人抱怨...

      3. She responded, “I’d rather stay single to study all my life!”


      (1) The best way to respond to a flame is to ignore it.

      repond to 回答/回復某事

      (2) Hearing his request, she responded to him with a big smile.

      repond to sb. with sth.用...回應/回答某人

      ... ... ...

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