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      《Festivals And Celebrations》Listening and Speaking PPT課件

      《Festivals And Celebrations》Listening and Speaking PPT課件 詳細介紹:

      《Festivals And Celebrations》Listening and Speaking PPT課件《Festivals And Celebrations》Listening and Speaking PPT課件

      人教版高中英語必修三《Festivals And Celebrations》Listening and Speaking PPT課件,共27頁。

      Listening and Speaking

      Spring Festival

      National Day

      Mid-autumn Festival

      Dragon Boat Festival

      Thanksgiving Day

      Listen again and guess who the speakers are and what their relationship in each conversation is.

      Listening tips

      To listen for a relationship, you need to pay attention to how people talk to each other (e.g. friends usually call each other by first names) and some particular questions in the conversation (e.g. “Could I have the bill, please?” tell us that the speaker is a customer in a restaurant).

      Language Points

      dress up  打扮;穿上特殊服裝

      attend the ceremony  參加儀式

      a lantern fair  燈展

      a tour guide  導游

      do one’s hair and make-up  做頭發;化妝

      call sb by first name   直呼其名

      Coming-of-Age Day  日本成人節




      1. 端午節日期,農歷5月5日;

      2. 端午節的習俗,賽龍舟,吃粽子;

      3. 端午節的目的。

      參考詞匯:Chinese lunar calendar 農歷     zongzi n 粽子

      Dear Mike,

      Glad to hear from you. I’d like to tell you something about the Chinese Dragon Boat Festival and how I spent it this year.

      ... ... ...

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